Technical Artist

Responsibilities As core member of team, create ideas and solutions for products, working report to team lead. Working closely with the art team and engineers to help design and implement 3D art production pipelines based on Unity3d Build and maintain in house tools and plugins for artist on design of character, environment, animation, VFX, and game integration to increase efficiency Troubleshooting problems for the art team to ensure smooth art production and gameplay Deeply involved in art optimization on mobile platform, collaborate with engineers and artist to develop most efficient process and best practice Define art tech spec for artists to follow Communicate with producers and other artists to create and meet scheduled deadlines Qualifications Education Experience: Diploma/Bachelor A degree in Art, Art Design, Digital Media, Animation, Visual Effects or equivalent. Specialty Experience: 3+ years of professional game or VR production aspect of artist experience 5+ years as a Modeller, Level Artist, SFX Artist, Lighter or Character Modeler in PC or console game. Participate to at least 2 full productions cycles. Essentials skills ? Experience Unity3d optimization, Draw Call/Setpass Call reduction, Dynamic Batching, Static Batching, Shader/Graphic Optimization, LOD, Occlusion Culling.? Experience Unity3d Shader, Unity3d particle system, post image effects ? Excellent analytical and mathematical skills.? Strong interpersonal skills and problem solving ability. Nice to have:? Experience rendering system balancing performance and maintainability.? Excellent analytical and mathematical skills.? Remain updated on current art production tools, software, and techniques, spread knowledge and teach artist from technical aspect? Development experience on AAA game a plus.

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